Where to stay in Voskopoja

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Visit the amaising Voskopoja village

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Visit the amaising village of Voskopoja

Situated only of 13 km in the west of Korca is known since the 14th century by the name Moskopoli. Voskopoja was an important centre that remains to this day as an abundant storehouse of well-known centre of art, where some of the most talented Albanian painters practised their profession.

There are amazingof major artistic value that are created by the Albanian artist, Theodhor Sina Grundo, who was not only a sculptor, but also a fresco painter and engraver. Some of his works are also founded in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Austria and Sllovenia.

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About voskopoja

Voskopoja for 7 centuries holds its roots history, beauty and good reputation. Is the favorite place to relax the mind, to suck fresh air and to spend a different day n from others. Situated 180 km southeast of Tirana (capital of Albania) and 20 km from Korca. Pine forest century-old associated with almost all the way, a wonderful spectacle between pine and spruce. Everything in the forest kingdom where only heard the chirping of birds, which create a real symphony.

Voskopoja stands up among a beautiful plateau of the highest mountain Treves border between Gores and Opar, about 1200m above the level of the sea, surrounded on three sides by mountains, hills and coastlines.

Favorable conditions that create geographic environment, rich with extensive meadows and numerous sources withdrew with time dairy farmer, a energetic and resourceful population, which was distinguished as talented masters of various crafts and commercial entrepreneurs, but also in cultural field.

The favorable position of this plateau, potable waters and fertile land, helped to make the center deep within the mountains of uncontrollable by the Ottoman conqueror, a township with development opportunities near the caravan routes

At the height of its Voskopoja stretched out in an area of 180 ha and cross 20 thousand inhabitants.

Network cobbled paths and other public buildings are an indicator of sustainable development centuries

Among the various aspects that make this historic center and tourist attractions, undoubtedly cultural tourism occupies the main place, so recognition historical and cultural heritage of its past excellence is represented by the following of affluent mural painting and that kavaletit, together with the proceedings of figured wood sculptures, involving five basilicas and by a set of cult objects that had excellent in XVII-XVIII centuries.

This cultural and artistic heritage, is part of the world cultural treasure, and therefore has been declared by UNESCO as one of the 100 most dangerous monumental centers

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